week 33 pics

May 16, 2014

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Week 33

May 16, 2014

       This week was really fun! We had a pirate play. I played the character Rainbow Beard. Monday we went to a middle school tour. We also sold buddy bands and we raised more than a 1000 dollars. The money will go towards K.A.R.M (Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries). We are about to go on a field trip today to a cave. It will be so much fun. Yesterday was field day and I got 1st place in the football  throw. Tonight is my sister’s graduation. It is at Thompson Boling Arena. Tomorrow is the graduation party. We are going to the park. All of my family is coming tonight. Okay! See ya later

WeeK 32

May 2, 2014

     This week was FUN! We did nuttin’!Except we did TCAP’s. IT was fun! we are even going to have a tournament this week was fun!


Week thirty-one pics

April 25, 2014


Week thirty-one

April 25, 2014

       Today is the Knox County Elementary “Elite Meet”. I am very nervous.  At least I made it though! I will do the long jump. The person who gets 1st place gets a plaque.  The people who get in 4th place or higher gets a “Special Ribbon”. This weekend I am going out of town to Jefferson City for a basketball tournament.

Week 30

April 17, 2014

           Hello!! This week was  fantastic!  Mostly because we are out on Friday. We won’t come back until Monday. It is for Easter! And tonight the season finale of Scandal comes on tonight @10pm est. This week we mostly did TCAP prep. The test is going to be coming up in nearly 2 weeks. It will be VERY easy if we take our time. But, it’ll be hard if we rush through it. In art we made monsters! On May 12, I will be going to the West Valley Middle school tour. The people who is zoned there will go on the tour. On May 14, I am going to the Bearden Middle tour. Although I am not zoned for Bearden, my friend in 6th grade is going to preform and she wants me to b there. Our 5th grade musical is coming up too. I have the role of  Rainbow Beard. Griffin is a soloist, and Murray Beth is a Prisoner. That was my week!

Week 30 Research!

April 16, 2014

My weekly research is:

How do Mountains and     

           Oceans affect the Weather?

BY: Cameron Carter



How do mountains and oceans affect the weather? 

       This is a question you might ask yourself. Hi! Today, I am  going to tell you about something new. Today, I am also going to tell you how oceans and mountains can effect your wether daily. Some of the things I tell you, you might already know. And some of the things I tell you you probably don’t know. And by the end of my research paper you will know that different things cause the weather to change. Trust me,You will  definitely learn a lot!



        Today, I am going to start out telling you all about how oceans can affect and change the weather around us. Oceans affect weather and temperatures because of the sea breezes. It moves cool air onto the land to make it cooler during the day time.Warm ocean waters fuel up thunder storms. Ocean currents can increase and decrease the temperature. Clouds form when warm air from inland areas meets cool air from the sea. In the summer, temperatures can be very hot and dry as moisture from the sea evaporates before it reaches the centre of the land mass.  This is how oceans affect our weather daily.




  Mountain ranges usually have a cold climate in its surrounding areas.They also help diminish winds coming in from the seas. It can also be ranges.Mountains can also shield the other side of the mountain from the wind. This is how mountains change our weather and forecast each and every day!!





    Thank you for looking! I hope you learned quite a lot! Tune in next time for next week’s research! For now, bye! This is what I learned.





Week Twenty-Nine

April 11, 2014

          Hi! This week was great! Tuesday was the track meet and I got 2nd place! I had so much fun. I even get to go to the Elite Meet. It is next Saturday. This morning, I had to sing with my school choir. Elise, Griffin, Rachil, Avery, and Rebbecca from my class are in it also. This week was a VERY fun and exciting week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Week 29

April 4, 2014

Week 29 was fabulous! On Monday we had Monday Fun Day and no reading day; it was just a bunch of free time. We found a snake in our garden. We also made signs for Track and Field events for our school. Dominic had his b-day party and we also had Friday Fun Lunch, Sumdog Competition, and My team won the TCAPolympics. Final Four is tommorow and i’m really excited! Bye!                                                     IMG_3312snake

Week 28

April 4, 2014

         Hey y’all! This week was great! We had µø˜∂奖ƒ¨˜ ∂å¥ to start off our week. We had cupcakes, “Creeper Juice”, and we we played the Wii and we sang karaoke. Oh, and yesterday, I ROCKED the Poetry Cafe! And girl, I was on Fire! This weekend, I am going to Pigeon Forge for a tournament. Afterward, we are going to the race car tracks to do some  “Team Bonding”. This week we  also gardened. We even found a snake! See ya!!!!!