Week Twenty-Nine

April 11, 2014

          Hi! This week was great! Tuesday was the track meet and I got 2nd place! I had so much fun. I even get to go to the Elite Meet. It is next Saturday. This morning, I had to sing with my school choir. Elise, Griffin, Rachil, Avery, and Rebbecca from my class are in it also. This week was a VERY fun and exciting week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Week 29

April 4, 2014

Week 29 was fabulous! On Monday we had Monday Fun Day and no reading day; it was just a bunch of free time. We found a snake in our garden. We also made signs for Track and Field events for our school. Dominic had his b-day party and we also had Friday Fun Lunch, Sumdog Competition, and My team won the TCAPolympics. Final Four is tommorow and i’m really excited! Bye!                                                     IMG_3312snake

Week 28

April 4, 2014

         Hey y’all! This week was great! We had µø˜∂奖ƒ¨˜ ∂å¥ to start off our week. We had cupcakes, “Creeper Juice”, and we we played the Wii and we sang karaoke. Oh, and yesterday, I ROCKED the Poetry Cafe! And girl, I was on Fire! This weekend, I am going to Pigeon Forge for a tournament. Afterward, we are going to the race car tracks to do some  “Team Bonding”. This week we  also gardened. We even found a snake! See ya!!!!!


April 4, 2014

Cameron’s Scientific Tools



By: Cameron





            What scientific tools do you know? Well, there are so many types of scientific tools scientist use everyday! You might even use some tools everyday and you probably don’t notice it!! Well, in this paper I am going to tell you about three scientific tools that I chose. I  use one of the tools on a daily basis and the other two I really don’t know much about. In this paper, I will tell you about thermometers, scissors, and microscopes. 


           Today, we are going to start with the familiar tools. If you don’t feel well, you can use this tool to take your temperature. What is this tool? It’s a thermometer! I know more abut thermometers than I know about compasses, and microscopes.  Thermometers measure temperature, by using things that change in some way when heated or cooled. Thermometers use alcohol or mercury. It is usually the color RED. When the weather rises the mercury will lower. When the temperature starts to rise, the mercury rises also. This is a little bit about one of my scientific tools.



        The second tool I’m going to tell you about is a dissecting tool. You probably use this tool everyday. Do you know what it is? It is scissors! You use this tool to cut the insides out of animals. I have used this tool for the past 3 or 4 years. When I used the scissors for dissecting, I dissected a rat, a pig, and a frog. This is my 2nd tool.


         My third tool is a microscope. You use it to look at TINY things. Things are very microscopic. Microscopic means an optical instrument used for viewing very small objects, such as mineral samples or animal or plant cells, typically magnified several hundred times. This is about my 3rd tool.


WEEK Twenty-Seven

March 28, 2014

    Hello! This week was very GREAT! I have a basketball tournament in Coalfield…the middle of NOWHERE!!!!!!! Hopefully, my team will win! We play at 7:10 tonight at Coalfield High School. Then we have a game at 8:50 tonight at Oliver Springs High School. 

My NCAA Letter

March 18, 2014

If you are a college basketball fan you’d know that there is a Sweet 16, Elite 8, and  Final 4. I thought, why don’t they call the championship game the Terrific 2 where to teams battle and go at it for the NCAA Championship title. So what I did was wrote a letter and E mailed the NCAA to share my thoughts and my opinion.



:) Yah!


Hey! I am going to tell you where I am going for Spring Break. We have to go to school on Friday since we missed a lot of snow days, but my parents said I am not going because we are leaving Thursday for Alabama.I am soooo excited and there is this really good ice cream place and I cannot wait to go!When we get back on Monday, my mom said I can rearrange my room and start my room off fresh. OK! Gotta  go to Language Arts!

Wacky Wednesday

March 7, 2014

IMG_3138me on wacky wednesday

Week twenty-five

March 7, 2014

Hi everyone! This week was great! It was Dr. Seuss week at our school and it was  supposed to start on Monday, but we were out of school for no reason. So, on Tuesday it was crazy hat day and silly sock day. Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. Thursday was when you wear green in honor of the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. And today was twin day. In science class we are going to do the Drop-Off 2014! This weekend I have a basketball AAU tournament. We will go to Loudon County, that’s only like 30 minutes away. But, later in our season our tournaments will get further and further away. We have to go to school next Friday because we have to make up a snow day. But, yay me! I don’t have to go to school. I’m going to Alabama for Spring Break. Well, I have to go know!